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    Selling tons of old games

    Perhaps not entirely suitable, but I thought I'd mention that I'm selling not just a few of my games to clear shelf space - including what Wing Commander games I have. It's a Swedish auction site, but I think you can puzzle it out (even with Google Translate/Babelfish). Someone has already laid...
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    Going to Iceland in early May?

    I wasn't sure where else I could post this with a straight face. See, I'm graduating this spring (woo!) from Iceland's Academy of the Arts ( - essentially minuscule departments for most artforms and architecture brought together under one administration to make running them a credible...
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    Upgrade considerations.

    This looks like it'll be a long one... but I believe in having my bases covered. It's nearing that time, again. I mean to build this thing around a soundcard (I'm just funny that way - I've also asked for opinions on soundcards at another forum, so you probably won't need to concern...