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    Wing Commander III - Full Playthrough on Nightmare Difficulty

    Hi guys, it's been years since I've posted anything here. However, I've recently got back into WC3 and enjoying it more than ever. I saw on youtube someone had uploaded a video with a full playthrough of the PC game. I thought, that's awesome so I watched some of it. However, the guy playing...
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    Wing Commander III - 2010 Movie Project

    Evening all, the last release of my Wing Commander III Movie was over 3 years ago now (someone was even kind enough to split it up and put it on youtube :D). However, I want to have at least one more crack at it. I'm currently making a new Wing3 movie from scratch. Thanks to Mario's...
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    Possibility of Fan Cgi for fan movies?

    Good evening, something that has always bugged me about trying to make these Fan Movies from the Wing Commander games, is the fact that missions that you play in game are part of the story, and there is hardly any CGI in the game for missions. So if there must be a way to make 'Fan CGI' by using...
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    The WC4 'Price Of Freedom' Movie Project

    Morning all, now that my first project 'Heart Of The Tiger' is finished I'm eager to begin a new one, and what better than it's popular sequel 'The Price Of Freedom'. I realise there are already plenty versions of Wing Commander IV already being / have been made, but in that case, what is the...
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    WC3 Ground Missions Query

    Something I've noticed is that when Vagabond punches Dr Severin we see him landing in a Hellcat V. However, you can only use exalaburs for ground missions. Any theorys or facts on this?
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    Hi, I've been into wing commander for a few years, I started off with WC3 and loved it, then went onto IV and V (Prophecy). But wing commander III is my favourite, I wanted to create a wing commander III movie. I wasn't sure if anyone had done it before, I didn't think to check the forums until...