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    Wing Commander Armada Intro remake in 4K

    Remember the render I made for the CIC's 22nd Birthday celebration? You probably have guessed already what it is all about: It's a remake of the intro sequence of "Wing Commander Armada" in 4K, using the Privateer 3D assets...
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    Midway-class Heavy Carrier on Spacedock

    Daniel from Spacedock returns to our beloved Wing Commander Universe with his look on the Midway-class Heavy Carrier:
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    Privateer Easter Egg in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

    Just a few minutes ago, I discovered this Privateer Easter Egg in the main menu of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. But see for yourself. ;)
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    Idea: WC1 to WCA conversion

    Hello people, with the successful modification attempts on the Realspace2D engine in the past 5 years, I've been thinking of a rather interesting idea. What do you think about a Wing Commander 1 Total Conversion for Wing Commander Academy? Would something like this be feasible with what we...
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    How to create Kilrathi, Steltek and Nephilim voices?

    Hello people, there's one thing regarding fan-made production which has barely been discussed: How to create voice effects to make your voice to sound like a Kilrathi (any variant), Steltek or Nephilim. How would you proceed in creating any of these voice effects, be it in Audacity, Adobe...
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    On June 18th, a new short Fan Film is coming

    On June 18 2018, 8 PM Zulu, a new short Fan Film is going to be released.
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    Last of the Megacarriers - A Wing Commander Narration

    In order to test my new semi-professional microphone and practice my skills in Adobe Audition, I produced an Audio Narration of "Last of the Megacarriers" from "Star*Solder", the manual of "Wing Commander Arena". This is the tale of the TCS Port Broughton, a Terran Confederation Megacarrier and...
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    WC4 missile nerf patch?

    Hello people, as we all know, the missiles in Wing Commander IV are unnecessarily overpowered compared to the other WC games, leading to lots of frustrating moments during gameplay. Has there ever been any attempt to nerf the missiles back to their WC3 stats?
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    WCS for modern FSO-builds and WC4 Tech Demo Port

    Almost a month ago, a team of HLP-members led by Admiral Nelson released a beta-version of "Wing Commander Saga - The Darkest Dawn" for modern FreeSpace Open builds as well as a port of the classic "Wing Commander IV Tech Demo". All details on the changes, missing features and open tasks can be...
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    Offering my 3D-models

    As I still have a few of the 3D-models I built over the years lying around on my hard drive, I'd like to ask if there is any interest in using these in any of the current fan-projects and offer these. Some are pretty much finished while others don't have UV-maps and textures. The base texture...
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    Any "Wing Commander" Cosplayers?

    The recent news about the partial WCP flight suit made me curious about one thing: Is here anyone doing "Wing Commander"-based cosplaying, i.e. wearing WC-costumes like uniforms, flight suits, helmets etc. at conventions or other comic/sci-fi events?
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    Concordia Battlegroup Fly-by - A Wing Commander II Short

    Hi there, in order to improve my skills in After Effects and Premiere, I've decided to produce this short video based on Wing Commander II. The video includes the original sprites, the music and sound effects from the Kilrathi Saga re-release as well as a WC2-like starfield built from scratch...
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    SF Debris reviews WC3

    Chuck Sonnenburg, also known as SF Debris, one of (in my opinion) finest reviewers of the Sience Fiction genre, has made a review of "Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger". He briefly talks about WC's history from the first game up until WC: Arena (but doesn't mention the novels), talks about...
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    WC: Saga Source Code released

    Hello guys and gals, For everyone who is interested in modifying WCSaga's engine, I've got good news: The source code has been released: I know that many of you aren't that much fond of Saga but maybe you could see this...
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    "Shadows of the Empire" fanfilm-project on Kickstarter

    Hello my friends, Does anyone remember "Shadows of the Empire"? Back in 1996, it was a multimedia-project by LucasFilm, consisting of a novel, a comic, a videogame for the N64 and the PC, a soundtrack, a source book and even toys. SotE was created to build a bridge between "The Empire Strikes...
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    Some accidental similarity

    I've stumbled upon this video: This one shows short clips of the German commercial TV-Station Sat.1 from 1984 to 2010 and in the "Sat.1 FilmFilm" part at 2:55, the music does sound like the theme from Standoff. The Standoff theme doesn't happen to be inspired from the FilmFilm one, does it...
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    Gamer Discrimination by Media

    Hi my Friends, I don't know if you've heard it already but the german TV-Station RTL broadcasted lies about us who love to play games when reporting about the Gamescom in Cologne. So I'm interested to know how the Media reports about Gamers in the countries in which you live. Do they...
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    Wing Commander 2 on Iphone (YT-Video)

    This video shows Tretboot playing Wing Commander 2 on his Iphone: Enjoy. :)
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    Prologue Video Walkthrough

    Here I will post videos about the missions of the Prologue and its Mods. First Mission: 2nd one is being uploaded as I write this. Enjoy. :) Edit: 2nd Mission uploaded:
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    Proposal: Armada-style gameplay

    I've got an idea. What do you think about WC: Armada-style gameplay for Flight Commander? I really loved the concept of the original WC: Armada. I've got a few ideas for that feature: -Sides: Confed/Kilrathi and Nephilim -Midway and Tiamat as flagships -Buildable Capships -Fighters w/o...