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  1. Lt.Overload

    TCS Midway shirts

    Looking to get a TCS Midway shirt made, I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the exact font that was used, as well as wondering if there was anything on the backs of the shirts, though I doubt there was. Also any tips on font size and how the text was printed onto the shirts would be...
  2. Lt.Overload

    Ground missions in WCP

    Found this bit in the game's code; a piece of land aptly named "terrain.iff". Took a target buoy file and changed the mesh to this terrain.iff file, then put it in a mission. Normally I'd bounce off the hitbox before I could even get close to it but by turing off collisions you can into the...
  3. Lt.Overload

    Doctor Who and Wing Commander

    I never noticed how many actors from the Wing Commander movie have played roles in the BBC Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. It started when I was watching the recent season finale; Ken Bones, the admiral from Pegasus Base at the beginning of WC, is The General, wearing some familiar-looking armor. He...
  4. Lt.Overload

    So Chris is on Reddit now

    Someone must have found ChrisReid's Super Soaker collection picture from years ago, and posted it on reddit. The thread's grown pretty big. It's also on the front page of Imgur. Chris, did you know about this? :P
  5. Lt.Overload

    New Website! Wing Commander Secret Ops Custom Missions (WCSOCM)

    Hi all! You might remember that I've done a few Secret Ops mods and shared them with you all, but now I have a whole site to share with you guys! WING COMMADER SECRET OPS CUSTOM MISSIONS It's a mouthful, but let's just call it WCSOCM for short! Not only do I have missions on there, but also...
  6. Lt.Overload

    Gearbox buys Homeworld IP

    Gearsbox Studios, makers of the Borderlands franchise, has won the Homeworld franchise from THQ. Article on their site here. Thoughts?
  7. Lt.Overload

    WCM: What does Paladin say...

    ...before firing the missiles on the Snakeir(?)? He says something french but I can't find out what it is anywhere. Also, I thought it a was a bit funny they didn't reveal anything about the Pilgrims in some of the WCM trailers. I think there were two instances in one trailer where they would...
  8. Lt.Overload

    Mars Effect makes Wing Commander reference Wind Commander. :P
  9. Lt.Overload

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    Good game, don't you think?
  10. Lt.Overload

    Is there anywhere I can get just this?

    From HCl'S 2002 page: Somehow, I want to include this into my Secret Ops files, so I can make extreme missions (lag is not an issue). How would I go about this? NOTE: Just a word of caution, I am not some tech-savvy wingnut. While I do know some parts of WCSO's inner workings, I have never...
  11. Lt.Overload

    Strange Idea I had about the Nephilim

    I had this idea literally while I was taking a shower. What if the Nephilim was really a parasitic artificial alien race? The Nephilim could have been created by the big superior alien race everyone talkS about. What they are really, is a small bug, which enters the body of an organism...
  12. Lt.Overload

    Is this weird?

    I have my WCP Universe map hanging up on an empty space in my room. It's been there for a few years (2-3?). Am I weird for actually hanging this up?
  13. Lt.Overload

    Internal Files Question

    In what .tre is the .mats for the capship IDs? :)
  14. Lt.Overload

    Happy Birthday CIC; Secret Ops Fan Mission

    Hi guys. I noticed a little date coming up so I whipped up this. :D This is a fanmade Wing Commander Secret Ops mission. All the past installation rules apply. Download SOSIM from the CIC Files section (if you haven't already), and place the "mission" folder in your Secret Ops directory...
  15. Lt.Overload


    How exactly do you pronounce it? I pronounce it Toll-win, even though most people in WC call him Tall-win. :)
  16. Lt.Overload

    Need Help! Virus Removal

    Somehow out of nowhere I got this strange virus which is disguised as an antivirus software called "Antivir Solution Pro" It doesn't let me run any programs and keeps telling me to buy it. Help somebody??
  17. Lt.Overload

    Wingnuts, please help me...

    I've lost everything. My girlfriend for almost two years broke up with me, and I'm a wreck... I can't sleep, I can't sleep, I keep seeing her face everytime I close my eyes... Is there anything a wingnut like me could do to...let out my anger?
  18. Lt.Overload

    Malcolm McDowell in God of War 3

    My friend told me Malcolm McDowell voiced as a character in God of War 3. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  19. Lt.Overload


    I was confused about this. Knight dies in the WCM (or at least I think that's him, with Paladin in the bombing run), but then he's back in WC1?
  20. Lt.Overload

    Wing Commander Themed Battleship?

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of the game Battleship, where you randomly launch missiles in hopes of hitting the enemy battleships? I thought it would be cool of a Wing Commander themed one existed, does it?