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    Star Citizen reaches 1.5M Backers, $120M Funding

    As of this weekend, Star Citizen has now reached two new milestones: One and a half million backers, and $120 million in funds raised! At this rate, 2 million backers and $150 million seem reachable.
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    Star Citizen Reaches $100 Million!

    As of today (12 December 2015), Star Citizen has reached One Hundred Million Dollars in crowd funding (exactly $100,008,786 at the moment of this post). Congratulations!
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    Star Citizen Reaches One Million Backers!

    As of this writing, Star Citizen has registered 1,000,834 backers, contributing over $92,410,000. $100 million is within sight. Think about it. A million fans backing a hundred-million-dollar game. Just wow.
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    And another year passes . . .

    We haven't had any posts at all on this forum for a full year now, so I was wondering how things were going.
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    What's up lately?

    *Poke poke* Seeing as it's been eight weeks since anybody posted anything at all in this forum, I thought it would be appropriate to ask for news on how Pioneer is going?
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    Ok, I am sure you have all heard by now that Nintendo has announced that their new console, formerly known as the Revolution, is now to be named the "Wii" (pronounced "whee"). Let's discuss our thoughts on this. Please refrain from the bloody obvious toilet humor jokes that spring to mind.
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    Flying for the AWACS

    I am playing the Privateer Remake bonus campaign path in which I fly for the AWACS as they undertake their Glorious Communist Revolution. I keep getting sent from system to system as each new one gets taken over by the Revolution. How long does this continue for? Until all of Gemini has been...
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    Jump Fuel Indicator

    This is just a minor thing, but I think that it would be helpful for the player, what with the different flyable ships having different jump ranges, for the jump fuel indicator to be calibrated so that one bar equals one jump--that way a player could see directly how much fuel remains instead of...
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    Mouse Cursor Bug

    I have just installed the Privateer Remake on my system (running WinME), and for some reason the mouse cursor does not appear when I am landed at any base, so I can't click on anything. How may I remedy this?
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    Wing Commander Pioneer

    I like the idea of this mod--a Privateer-like game set a generation earlier, where the planets of Gemini are only just being colonized and parts of the sector remain unexplored. What engine is this going to use? Vega Strike, same as the Privateer remake? Also, will there be a forum for WC...
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    Kilrathi ship weapons?

    Even though there have been adequate descriptions of the weapons loadouts of Confederation fighters in Standoff, I am still a bit unclear on the Kilrathi fighters. First, which Kilrathi craft will carry torpedoes? I am pretty certain that the Grikath and Gothri will, but what about the Hriss...
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    New version?

    Reckoning 3.0 OpenSp Released - C&C I noticed that there has been no activity on this board for nearly two months despite a new version of the Reckoning mod being made available.
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    Privateer CTD

    I tried to use the patches that allow a player to fly a Dralthi or Stilletto in Privateer, but when I load the files and then try to launch my ship, the game crashes to DOS. It seems to run fine until I actually try to leave the base that I am landed at, but then it immediately crashes.
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    I was wondering what weaponry the Gladius and Talon would be sporting in Standoff, since it is not listed on the Standoff web page.
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    Weapons questions

    What strength will the weapons have in Standoff? Using the same strengths as in SOP would be a little overpowered. Second, how effective are the decoys? Are they like WC2 decoys that have a nearly 100% spoof chance, or are they like SOP decoys that spoof only about 50% of the time? Third...
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    Mission 9 question

    In mission 9, how many fighters total do you have to face at the jump point (prior to the endless waves of Squid that appear if you take too long, that is)? Is it a specific number or is it just "generate new waves till the Avenger comes back through the jump point"?
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    Seether and Orlando Depot

    Something has been bugging me about Seether's attack on the Orlando Depot at the start of WC4. In the bar, Seether departs just before Maniac and Blair, yet he is able to get to Orlando and destroy it right before their eyes. Now, Seether was flying an Avenger while Blair and Maniac were...
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    Privateer Stiletto patch crash

    I try using the patch that allows you to fly the Stiletto fighter in Privateer, but it always causes the game to crash and exit to DOS immediately. What am I doing wrong?
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    Skipped missions in WC3?

    Disk 3 of my copy of WC3 is damaged, so I was wondering if it is possible to edit my save files so that I can skip the missions on Disk 3 and go to Disk 4?
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    WCP GBA: Painting the Target

    In the WCP GBA mission "Painting the Target", where and when am I supposed to drop the mines so that the Midway can use the plasma weapon? I have tried dropping them near the various capships, and also near the jump bouy, but I have so far met with no success.