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    Privateer 2 editor I lost

    I allready tryed midnight editer. Do you know any were you can fly the pirate ships or CIS ships also?
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    Privateer 2 editor I lost

    I once had a privateer 2 editer that let you fly any ship in the game. For example any CIS,pirate, or civilian ship. I lost it when my computer crashed and I didn't have it backed up or the bookmark for the page that I found it on. If anyone knows what editer im talking about or know one...
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    Yeah, youd think that the blockaid points would be there most protective spots. Considering thats were the Kilrathi would come threw if they wanted to get into confed space.
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    Future NASA designs

    yeah well, im just talkin :)
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    Future NASA designs

    Well, I kinda wrote it wrong to what I was thinking. Im sure NASA would make dragons if they could, but I would see why they would use shuttles more often sense they can hold more crew and equipment.
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    Future NASA designs

    It would be cool...I guess, but they wouldn't know how to do it and probley wouldn't even if they new how to.
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    Privateer 2

    Or running it on a slower computer would fix the problem also.
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    yes another priv1 problem

    Well after many months of running my copy of privateer on my old 486 computer it decides to miss up now. im getting the problem were then you fire the cannons the computer freezes. I checked the sound setting with the ones I wrote down a long time ago and they check out. So does anyone know...
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    Favorite ad.

    I think my favorite ad is the video ad for Privateer 2. one on the Privateer cd (the cd rom classics edition.) After watching it I wanted to play Priv2 :)
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    anybody know of any good privateer fictions?

    I liked "More Human then Human" a fic based on the privateer side of wc. They also have a bunch of fics on the site were I found this story. I can't remember the site's address but it was Co-written by Andrew Modeen. I also didn't book mark it, mabey someone else here knows the site im talking...
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    my idea

    Yeah I wanna read it now. so make it please :)
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    Privateer 2 and the rest of the WC universe: My explanation

    They're obviously the same.. so many similarities! I mean, if you choose to fly that one mission, there's that one ship that looks kinda like something that could have evolved out of WC.. ;) +Kinnear [/B] You mean the ship that looks just like the Talon from Privateer 1?
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    WC sector maps

    Thanks TC for the web sites.
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    Privateer commodities patch

    Yeah isn't it kind of weird they never grab the cargo? and isn't it rare for pirates to drop contraband little alone anything?
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    WC sector maps

    Does anyone know were I could find maps for different sectors?
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    hmmm so if we never destroyed that gateway on the last mission of prophecy, then on OS confed would be outnumbered greatly.
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    Aesthetics ... Which WC Do You Like Best?

    Amen to that I also feel that Privateer's game play was the best by far and the freedom to do pretty much anything you want in the WC unaverse rocks! :) [Edited by -=\/\/olf=- on 07-16-2001 at 23:51]
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    I agree that there technology is supieror. ButI think the reason for the Kilrathi being more stronger in space combat is because of there high respect for glory and honor. I also think they screwed up the AI a bit too but the bugs have some mean cap ships.
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    I wonder if the Nephilim would be stronger then the Kilrathi if they had a empire near us like the Kilrathi did?