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    Opinions needed

    When I was much younger, I drew spaceships in my spare time (Crappy ones at that) and I would always put U.S.S. Mannor below the ship. If you want to use that name your welcome to it :D
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    Strike Commander issues

    Well I read in another post about setting the following parameters in the .conf file to joysticktype=4axis timed=false autofire=false swap34=false buttonwrap=true So pretty much just make sure that the Timed is False and your good. Also make sure you re-calibrate in-game after you...
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    Strike Commander issues

    Problem Solved.
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    Strike Commander issues

    Hi all. I recently (It seems a lot of posts start with that) got Strike commander up and running in Dosbox. I'm having an issue with the joystick tho. With the joystick hooked up the cursor will go to the upper left corner of the screen unless I pull down and to the right with the joystick...
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    WC2 Problems

    Thanks for your reply! As for the settings, I pretty much just run straight up Dosbox, I play Wc2 at 4300 frame skip and have all my drives mounted. And upon trying Loadfix by itself, it still freezes. But after looking at my status screen (for the first time) I found that it says...
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    My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death...

    I get the red ring of death on mine all the time, except only 3/4 of the ring will blink red. I just turn it off wait a couple minutes then turn in back on and its always fine. ~BlackHawk
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    WC2 Problems

    Hello everyone, Today I got my Wing Commander 2/Strike Commander/Syndicate PLUS/Ultima 8 Bundle CD (and it comes with both secret missions for WC2 and speech pack! :D). So of course I want to boot up WC2 first, after a little messing with DosBox 0.72 I managed to get speech and music working...
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    Wing Commander/Origin Games for Sale!

    I would love to snag all the flight sim games listed above, but Phaedarus seems to be ignoring me.
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    Short Video of my 7 Gratha models

    That is wicked :eek: