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    How hard do you want Unknown Enemy 2 to be?

    E. Z. Er. Much. E. Z. Er. UE was great, but it was HARD! I couldn't even beat some missions on Rookie with invulnerability!
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    Kilrathi Saga Purchase

    Use VDMSOUND at to play WC2 and 3. I can run any WC except Privateer on my PC and its an XP! (However, I do not think it works with ME, you'll have to check - it's only for NT based systems, I think.)
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    Idea about Privateer

    I was recently browsing the 'net and came across a site which was a bunch of people who made an engine for another Origin game, Ultima 7, which made it runnable under Windows (and other OSs). Why doesn't someone do this for Privateer? I know someone's trying to patch the EXE, but this would be...
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    Pet Scifi-Project

    Quick comment on the laser thing, since lasers are really fast and invisible, when I play a game, I just presume that what they are calling a "laser" is really some sort of plasma beam or something.
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    Post your Unknown Enemy opinions

    Personally, I think it should be like WC4, where you can choose either the Hellcat or the Longbow each mission, and then have a segment where you can fly the Vaktoth or the Salthi each mission, and let you fly some new ships at the end.
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    Post your Unknown Enemy opinions

    The Hellcat would be especially cool with a Stormfire or two, and maybe a torpedo. Another nice fighter would be the Morningstar, from WC2 - maybe as the game's superfighter. Maybe you like come across some ones abandoned by Confed or something.
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    Post your Unknown Enemy opinions

    I think the main UE2 fighter should be the Hellcat. It was never a GREAT ship, and WC4 got you tired of it, but it would be cool to fly in UE2.
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    Tips for mission 2A?

    You can take out all of the ships but then more show up when the Marines come.
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    Scariest moment

    Ever heard of a little incident known as World War II?
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    Wing Commander 3 and 4

    Use VDMSOUND. You can run any WC except Privateer with it. It can be gotten from Get the VDMSOUND launchpad too, some games need it.
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    How did Mark Hamil get a guest starring as

    Have any of you seen "Laserhawk"? That was one of the worst sci-fi films in history. It had Mark Hamill as a reincarnated alien vegetarian (?). If you ever want a REALLY BAD movie, check that out. (He ended up getting shot by military personell at Area 51, which was in Wisconsin, and then...
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    Wing Commander Remake?

    Why is it VDMSound hasn't had any impact? With it, I can now run WC2 and 3 on my AMD XP Windows XP system BETTER than on my Pentium 100 DOS mode system! That means full voices, hardware MIDI simulation, et cetera. I haven't tested it with Priv, but it should work!
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    I can't believe none of you noticed that John Rhys-Davies (Paladin) is Gimli in Lord of the Rings.
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    Looks like I'll just have to either give up on WC2 until I can either fix my OLD pc or get the Kilrathi Saga. For anyone else who's interested in how I did it, here's what I did: I went to the memory tab and set everything to auto except expanded mem, which I set to 16384K. I turned off "Uses...
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    Yes, but I don't want to lose all my data by reformatting!
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    Actually, I'm using NTFS. That's why I can't do the dual boot. Apparently, WC2 does run fine in a DOS box under XP on my PC. Does anyone have a sample autoexec.bat or config.sys? Would the suggested one for Privateer on this board work for WC2 also?
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    This is just a generic joystick, though - it's an analog serial kind that doesn't even have Windows drivers. Besides, I bought in in 1996, when it was expected to (and did) work with DOS.
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    No, WC2 works in XP for me. And the joystick works in Windows but not in DOS, not vice versa. I don't have a config.sys or autoexec.bat.
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    WC2 WinXP Joystick Problems

    I have a problem. I actually got WC2 DOS working in WinXP, but my joystick is completely inoperable in DOS. It's analog, so it should work fine. The program won't even recognize it, and neither will WC3 or any other DOS program. Anyone got any ideas? One more thing: I don't think its possible...