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    Admiral Tolwyn- Madman or military savior?

    At the end of the day, how many of us here could still have the same morals (or whatever quality you would like to call it) after 30 years of unrelenting, perpetual war, where your family gets killed. Not a single one of us. The circumstances change the person. (awaiting the bleeding heart...
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    TCS Nonameyet

    I love British naval names, better than any Australian or American names. Personally, HMS Indefatigable....I mean, TCS Indefatigable takes my fancy...
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    Ranks from WC 3-4

    Is there a rank of General of the Space Force, Admiral of the Navy or Field Marshall? Don't worry, I just realised...Space Marshall. Silly me!
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    My Privateer Thread

    I usually drew them out to about 15-17000k then afterburned straight to the jumppoint. Didn't work all the time, but at least if I did die, I saw pretty fireworks :)
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    My Privateer Thread

    Never happened to me. Sounds like you had some major problems when it jumped with you. One dead merc. By the way, it was called a Paradigm.
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    The WC games that never were

    But we already have that, WC4 :)
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    Wing Commander, Star Trek, Star wars.....

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Wing Commander, Star Trek, Star Wars..... Perhaps.... Ahh what the hell, Philip, you're right! (btw what's happened to the signature?) :(
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    The WC games that never were

    And buttoned up uniforms (even on the O-deck) are worn by people who have fought wars in excess of 10 years? :rolleyes:
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    The WC games that never were

    Again, Philip is right. :D The WC characters had a lot more 'edge' to them. It looked as it they were fighting a morale sapping war that had been going on for more than a decade (imaging something bigger than WWII going on for what, 25 years until that moment?). In WC2 they all looked like...
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    WC Academyif and WC Movie - Blair's parents

    Why anyone would want to farm there...I do not know...
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    The Ultimate Gaming Machine: Vanessa Angel or Kelly LeBrock?

    I couldn't resist. I know different eras, hard to compare, but I say Vanessa Angel ALL the way! In case no one realises, I'm talking about the Weird Science TV show against the movie.
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    What I like about WC2

    Re: Re: Re: What I like about WC2 (part I) I remember a mission in SO2 where I took out two Fralthras whilst flying a Morningstar. Therefore, one Fralthra was downed by the Mace, the other by the two torpedoes. A Mace took down most if not all Fralthras I encountered. There would be the...
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    Never liked the Orion. It just looked too old and outdated for me. The Galaxy was a nice looking ship in my opinion, look at the detail on the cover. Me-mories....
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    WC Academyif and WC Movie - Blair's parents

    You know I just can't resist inserting Tattooine somewhere... :cool:
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    My Privateer Thread

    Its a shame the Retro's could never be friendly to me. I wanted to convert to the Church of Man, and party with a bit of Ultimate and a few Pleasure Borgs with those fine theologians. :cool:
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    Wing Commander, Star Trek, Star wars.....

    Re: Re: Wing Commander, Star Trek, Star Wars..... Philip is right :D [EDIT] And on a more serious note: In WC3 the Director's Cut, the Emperor was old and pasty and white underneath his fur, Prince Thrakhath ACTUALLY wore a helmet and respirator underneath his fur, and Blair was...
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    Was watching Space Above and Beyond and...

    LOL! I was actually talking about that country south of your border.... Canada :)
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    Was watching Space Above and Beyond and...

    Yeah those Hammerheads kicked Chiggie's arse. Also having Bill Hunter as the Secretary General. I always knew an Australian would be leader of the world. We tend to be more level headed than some of our, uhhum...cousins...from across the Pacific :p
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    Tribute to Columbia, Challenger, and Apollo 1

    The time for tributes has been long gone. Perhaps one should remember them on the anniversary of their tragedies, not three months down the track. People's attitudes may be a bit differnt. :) Also, "Faith of the Heart" was sung by Rod Stewart, and Russell Watson for Enterprise.