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    No Paradigm in Standoff?

    Hmm.. just wondering why you did not include Paradigm-Class Destroyers in Standoff? After all they are the only know Capship the TCN operated in the Fringe Region of Gemini. I know they are not much more then a better Corvette, but was just curios. :confused:
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    FRLS Guadalcanal?

    What kind of Vessel is the FRLS Guadalcanal? Just found it in your progress list and was curios what class it had.
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    Artwork WIP: Hellcat Down!

    First a question.. those are Ekapshi in the background.. right? Hmm.. maybe a dead TCN-Pilot floating in the water.. or the Ekapshi firing at the downed fighter.. or have a Tree that is on fire..
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    Revolution in the Granita System

    ;) Yes very likely to be the main reasons.. but as it really goes TC is more like todays NATO (with the difference that it seems to work). An Agreement for Common Defence, of course you can justify just about any action as "Defence Measure". :D Spying, Research, Colonial Expansion...
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    Revolution in the Granita System

    Just about every Planet in the Confederation has a sovereign government. The Confederation is a purely Military Union (that’s why it is not a Federation or Union, but a Confederation). Well quit a few Boarder Worlds never seemed to have joined the Confederation any way, and as any Planet is...
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    Revolution in the Granita System

    TNC Newsbrief scene #13 Revolution in the Granita System get here A Confed System that wants to leave the TCN... well any one know were the Granita System is?
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    Kilrathi Capital Ships

    :) Nice.. but i think you should realy take of the shark mouth.
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    Who is Dallas?

    2nd Lieutenant Jack "Dallas" Slayton at least as far as the Prima WCP Guide goes. I think the Memorial Plate was wrong.. might have been made before they named Dallas as Jack Slayton (some mess up in the department cooperation I would guess) btw. Love your Page Wedge keep up the great work :)
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    What I do NOT like about WC2

    Exactly right ck9791 :) But I am just going to bash on Concordia because I have some spare time.. And so? still better then anything else at the time.. :D Size and mass stats in WC are all screwed up... but no one really cares Ah yes it its 27th Century that is quite a while...
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    Hilarious WC moment

    Hellespont 2 Mission in WC4. One of the Pirate Razors at Nav 1 decided to ram the transport, after I fried his buddy. Ok, I though might happen, just a case of bad flying. Well at Nav 2, just as I got ready to blast those two Razors out of the Sky, they went for ramming the Transport as...
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    WC game movies

    Pick it up here
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    Number of Fighters on Space Stations?

    KS= Kilrathi Saga Manuel? hmm... is their a online version of that somewhere?
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    Number of Fighters on Space Stations?

    I think 500 is to much for a normal Starbase, but a big one like Perry or Ella might have that many. 100-200ish for Normal Military Base I would guess.
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    Number of Fighters on Space Stations?

    Just about how many Fighters are their on Kilrathi/Terran Starbases? Lighter Carries about 50 Fleet-Carriers have about 100 Super Carriers have about 400 But what about Starbases? Especially big once like Ella or Perry? :confused:
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    What Ships will appear in Prologue

    Well she is likely to be attached if she is special... but then… as life goes.. people with strange hobbies, freaks and Uglies like us.. get women no one else wants (or more likely none).. the women with charms go to “better” Humans.. and I can not blame the Ladies for that ;) "Survival of...
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    The Most Number of Kills

    Ok Epee is the single worst Fighter to fly I agree on that.:) Never liked Thuds myself.. but still better then a Cat, cause it can kill something. In a Cat you need forever to kill a Fighter, because its to slow for its light weapons, in a Arrow you could at least keep your enemy in sight...
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    The Most Number of Kills

    :confused: I just find the Fighter completely under armed. A Medium Military Fighter should have more Armament then a Private Light Fighter (Razor in WC 4) or a Light Militia Fighter (Arrow in WC 4). Its not fast, does not look to great, and is not very tough, but Medium Fighters in WC...
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    WC rp

    ;) Well.. if your a Kraut ... German Speaker :D there is and
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    Looking for WC 4 Pirat Cockpit Animation/Screenshot

    Does any one have a Clip, Gif or Screenshot of the Pirate Cockpit Animation from WC4? :confused: