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    PETITION: Wing Commander Music CD?

    Hell Yeah! I'd buy it without hesitation.. Hell I'd probably buy a few. -Mav_^
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    I wasn't offened at all
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    Yeah thats right, I only bugged Jumper through the project..since afterall he is WCDC staff as well Oh yeah TC, weren't you suppost to get me some webspace? <eg> [This message has been edited by Maverick_^ (edited October 07, 2000).]
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    Leave me alone before I cry.
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    You are entitled to your opinion Kris, as am I. Just don't flame me about it ok?
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    Okay, I wrote that editorial about 3 seconds after I read the letter...... Of course I was angered by the fact that Jumper and the staff of the WCESCRP, wrote a massive letter, explaining in detail as to why they should release the source code, and all he got back was a 5 sentence paragraph...
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    WCESCRP Update and More

    Howdy Wingnuts, Mav here, we got the exclusive scoop on the the WCESCRP project, head over to to get the scoop. Also, I'd like to inform you guys on the state of WingED (which won't be updated until we have some very important news.) Tom has told us that the...
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    Unknown Enemy Poll

    I may be of some use to the new logo, but since I have no idea what the plot or anything is about, I'm practically useless -Mav (
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    Only reason the site isn't updated every couple of months is because this is a classified project beyond your classification, so I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you Anyway, if you WCUE guys need any space just email me. ( Oh and Killerwave, go check the...
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    WingED Beta Test

    WingED (The WCP Mission Editor we've been working on) is coming close to being ready for testing! So we need to be ready. The Staff is looking for 2-3 Beta testers, 1 of them needs a Ge-force card, the 2nd needs a low end system (~P200) On the final tester, the PC specs are up to you! Email me...
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    Where are the editing regulars?

    Just a quick note, that if you ever get this project going just give me a buzz, I can set you up with some webspace -Mav_^ (WCDC)
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    WCDC Contest!!!

    This is everything you need to know: If you win, this is what you get. - Email address ( - 100 Megs of Free space ( - Your name on the Staff page (Optional!) So now your saying what do I have to do? To win all you need to do is: - Write...
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    Wing Commander interactive story!

    ...and that Blair thing..
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    Wing Commander interactive story!

    Oh yeah..sorry about that Victory thing :P
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    When the editor is released the func.def descriptions will be placed in a help file for the user to grab whatever code he/she may need. So yeah a programmers reference.
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    Greetings fellow Wing Commander Editors, no doubt by now you've read the post on the main wcnews site. I'd just like to introduce myself to this area. Now....I'd like to be a bit more specific on the news update for programmers wanted, not only are we looking for programmers, but we're also...