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  1. ELTEE

    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    I like all of your suggestions. Interestingly, it appears that my rank has been 'updated' in the interim. As far as Star Citizen goes, I am still trying to get up to speed and find the package options overwhelming. Any advice? Also, can you sign up for more than one 'package?'
  2. ELTEE

    Star Citizen guild- oops, I mean squadron...

    Hi all! Room for one more? Just back from a really long tour and trying to catch up with everything as best I can. So many questions - how do I join? Which package is best? How could I have missed all of this? Ha. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to getting back into everything. EDIT...
  3. ELTEE

    Wing Commander 3 on Crazy difficulty...

    I wonder how we could substantiate the IFF scramble effect - a look at the game's code perhaps? I know it's never too late to learn, but that would be really cool to learn a fact like that so long after the game was released!
  4. ELTEE

    "And the last Kilrathi planet in the sector falls!" (February 2, 2012)

    Wonderful render, thanks for sharing! Also, nothing new here, but IIRC there are some refueling scenes in WC2 Special Operations. Though the scenes feature different transports and fighters, the concept is probably pretty similar to how it would have been done during the Drayman's reign.
  5. ELTEE

    LOAF on Sol: Exodus (January 25, 2012)

    Thanks for posting this info LOAF - definitely going to grab a copy. The last non WC spacesim I tried was Starshatter TGS, so it's been a while...
  6. ELTEE

    This Clawk Marks is Super (January 29, 2012)

    This is great - neat to see how numerous small tweaks and changes lead up to a finished product that can look so different. Love it!
  7. ELTEE

    LOAF Fixes a PC (or: the Story of Karga the Hero)

    I don't know what you're talking about - seems like things were just getting interesting!
  8. ELTEE

    LOAF Fixes a PC (or: the Story of Karga the Hero)

    Have loved following this thread! Was honored to coin 'Bertha,' but 'Karga' definitely beats it with the WC reference!!!
  9. ELTEE

    Mars Rover Launch Saturday.

    Yes definitely congratulations - looks like a successful launch all around!
  10. ELTEE

    Happy Turkey Day

    All, wanted to take a moment and wish those celebrating Thanksgiving a happy and safe holiday. I don't know about y'all, but I'm enjoying the early release from the office... It's amazing what gets you excited as you get older...
  11. ELTEE

    Vulcan Bomber Cockpit in 360°

    B-1B's are notorious for conducting "show of force" flights in theater to scare baddies. I was really skeptical of this until one flew over my head right on the deck, full afterburner. The sound and the sonic shock wave combined were absolutely 'fear-of-god' inducing - and I knew he was on my...
  12. ELTEE

    Crew Sizes and the Exeter

    Well, if we look at a WWII carrier's command and control staff, many of the crew members are not on the bridge - they're in separate compartments devoted to accomplishing specific tasks, like CAP coordination, radar plotting, signals intelligence and so forth. All this information would then be...
  13. ELTEE

    Origin Joins Google+ (November 8, 2011)

    Are those Origin M&Ms? Software never looked so tasty!
  14. ELTEE

    What would a "completed" Behemoth look like?

    Where the hell was the bridge on that thing?
  15. ELTEE

    What would a "completed" Behemoth look like?

    This is a great question - I hate to say it but I'm perpetually confused on the Confederation dreadnaughts. I thought the FTC was unstable in SO2 just because of the current condition of the ship as Mace mentioned, but maybe I'm/we're wrong?
  16. ELTEE

    So was there anything to the rumors, or...?

    I completely agree with this, especially when the game is also trying to tell any kind of comprehensive story. Starshatter The Gathering Storm did a pretty good job of letting you advance from starfighter pilot to carrier captain, but there were few transitions or story pieces to help advance...
  17. ELTEE

    Sword of the stars Multiplayer

    How does this compare to, say, Sins of a Solar Empire? I could be persuaded to pick this game up but have been disappointed lately with what is available.
  18. ELTEE

    RC Dralthi Takes to the Sky (November 1, 2011)

    Awesome video! So how are you going to simulate lasers?! :D
  19. ELTEE

    How many of us are in the Armed Forces?

    Yeah no kidding - IET just seems to last forever blech.
  20. ELTEE

    The Wedding of FrostyTP and Nutmeg

    I'll toast you tonight - it's all over now, I'm afraid.... Kidding of course, many happy years together - congratulations!