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    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    PS. I still play it only on the keyboard.
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    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    turrets don't fire on their own...but you can operate the afterburner while in the turret if you depress it before going to the turret. tach cannons are the best for Privateer, fusions for RF. this game is still awesome and I think its timeless.
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    WC2 with XP help

    google "dosshell" and/or "loonies software" gives you an xp directory with an Icon to dbble click
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    Hey, lets discuss WWII!

    important facts.. the brunt of the fighting was done by the Russians on eastern block and Russian soil. the Largest armored battle in the history of the world was fought between the Russians and Germany near a town called Kursk, over 6oo units division size or larger participated. Germans were...
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    Pioneer Gets New Graphics (March 15, 2007)

    This is great stuff.. hope you don't mind ... this interior Tarsus cabin shot was the perfect background!! Great Job!!!
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    Pioneer music

    Was wondering if the pioneer team can put wc2_kilrathi to key in when the cats show up for combat, or is that music off limits?:rolleyes: ... it kind of goes with the genre doesn't it?:D
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Mission from Tayla to constantinople to deliver contraband she installs a 25 unit cargo space that is none detectable by scans: this cargo space is not being installed!