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  1. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Try the CIC's AI Art Generator! (April 1, 2023)

    Rather tame for a CIC April's fool joke but pretty funny. Well done once again.
  2. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Happy New Year! (January 1, 2023)

    Yeah, that's also the reason why I can't get lucky with the Kor-larh. Fighting Gladius in it was always a real pain for me and I ran out of afterburner fuel before the end of the third wave. Armada's flight model / AI gave (still gives) me more trouble than any other WC game.
  3. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Happy New Year! (January 1, 2023)

    I absolutely agree on the pitiful range of the Armada Mass Drivers. In no WC game did I find gun range to be as important as in Armada. When I had to fly the Phantom in the gauntlet, I only used the Laser cannons and never bothered with the MDs. Too bad 3 out of 5 Kilrathi ships use the equally...
  4. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Happy New Year! (January 1, 2023)

    Nah, I really don't find it worth the ressources. Plus I remember the view being restricted.
  5. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Wing Commander 2 dans la presse Française

    These are very nice and very fun to read. Everyone applauding the incredible graphics of Wing Commander 2 and its missions disks, the gripping story. And they were all correct.
  6. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Happy New Year! (January 1, 2023)

    Happy New Year to all! I sincerely hope it will bring good things to the world. And yeah, I don't like the Phantom either.
  7. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Love Your Dad (June 20, 2021)

    Ha, I never saw that missing child photo! Always great to learn something new about our beloved franchise.
  8. Mekt-Hakkikt

    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    WC1: Nothing. Not even the odd asteroid popping in. SM: when you have to escort the two Draymans (Draymen?) ans they keep bumping into each other. SM2: nothing. WC2: No promotions. Starting the trend of making Kilrathi fighters just inferior. SO1: Not so memorable story and so interesting bonus...
  9. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Wing Commander 3 as Seen From the 21st Century (February 22, 2021)

    I'm showing my age probably too but I really dislike these tutorials. I wan't a manual in which I can look up what I need whenever the situation arises - and not have it explained to me via textboxes in the game at certain times.
  10. Mekt-Hakkikt

    WC2 Bonus Chapter Released from 'Moongate' History Book (February 25, 2021)

    Hey, great read in the chapter and this thead! It's very cool to read such indepth stories about WC2. It really shows again what a great game it is. So many so fond memories. I'm getting all nostalgic - they don't make gams like that anymore ;-). Edit: And I agree with Wedge: for me, the...
  11. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Concept Meets Reality in WC4 Match Up (November 9, 2020)

    YES! WC2's Rapier is the prettiest and coolest human fighter in all of the WC franchise! I always liked the WC4 Banshee and after the (to me) incredibly boring and off-putting confed cap ship (and fighter) designs of WC3, even the Intrepid looked interesting to me. I definately prefer the end...
  12. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Conclusion and Thanks (October 11, 2020)

    My most sincere congratulations to the happy parents and a warm welcome to Georgianna! With the new corona virus around being pregnant and giving birth are even more of a challenge. Happy birthday all!
  13. Mekt-Hakkikt

    CIC Party Delayed, Excitement Builds for WC 30th Birthday (September 25, 2020)

    I hope everything works out and everybody will be in good health and spirit for when the party is on.
  14. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Check Out the Other Wing Commander Collectible Cards (July 31, 2020)

    Thanks for this article because I am one of those fans that still hasn't taken the figurines out of their blisters (except two doubles I have). Now I know I haven't missed too much (because I read the Handbook). Ooh, I'd like to see some Kilrathi cockpit scenes (not necessarily with the...
  15. Mekt-Hakkikt

    The return of MicroProse!

    Oh wow, Grand Prix 2 and BotF were also games of mine. Don't have too much memories about Grand Prix 2 but I really liked BotF!
  16. Mekt-Hakkikt

    The return of MicroProse!

    Ha, completely forgot about XCom Interceptor. I enjoyed it probably more than it deserved. I agree that it had great potential.
  17. Mekt-Hakkikt

    [2020-02] Some novel character portraits

    I think Blair's face is extremely well done. I also like your Kilrathi test pilot he looks...likeable.
  18. Mekt-Hakkikt

    Happy Fourth? (July 4, 2020)

    Happy fourth of july and stay safe!