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    Privateer Predicament...

    The Winners writing history? Nah... ... ... Invulnerability and Unlimited Ammo is an interesting option if you want to have some 'safe' combat. Especially when you could be horribly out-gunned and out-numbered "You get more with a wise word and a 2"-4" than you do with just a wise word."
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    Privateer Predicament...

    Now why would you want to shoot down a Confed Ship?
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    Babylon 5: Into the Fire current status

    I have been waiting a very long time for that game to be released... ...however... I am not getting my hopes up.
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    A false color question...

    Too bad there aren't any new WC books out
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    Reporting for duty....

    You didn't miss much while you were on leave; everyone is their 'normal' cheery self as usual! (well... exception to-)
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    An Ode To My Favorite Ship

    Grr... we can't be a General? (No matter how many spaming posts we create?) Oh well
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    Prophecy music

    They're only demos though... darn.
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    BL-Confed relations

    *coughs* Perhaps you should re-read my post. I said he considered them an atrocity; but yes, he DID use them. I didn't say he didn't. Tolwyn always like a fight where the stakes were high, but still favorable. That is one of the many reasons why the Confederation didn't want him galavanting...
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    Pardon my ignorance but....

    Who are we to blame the media for false information?!?
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    An Ode To My Favorite Ship

    Ahh... really? *raises an eyebrow*
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    Prophecy music

    Thanks, I'll remember that address.
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    BL-Confed relations

    Thou 'twas not mistaken. We can not predict what new vessel would be developed after the Dragon if Tolwyn did make it. But Tolwyn wouldn't use Bioweapons; he considered them an 'atrocity' in his own words, and preferred a clean fight (well... as clean as Tolwyn's battles went...). Even though...
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    who's back?

    All the CIC Staff are still donig their usual plans for Galactic Domination, et cetera et cetera...
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    Pardon my ignorance but....

    Even if he was quoted; it doesn't mean much for that. Tolwyn is a very 'high' character in the grand-scheme of things, but it doesn't say much about him being on the Tiger's Claw. I just finished watching WCATV, and yes, he's there as a Commodore (*starts to remind him of the good ol' days of...
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    WCMC casting

    I've seen the site, very nice. Though an RPG isn't a Rapid Fire Machine Gun, its a Rocket Propelled Grenade. In a way it has some similiarities to a Bazooka.
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    An Ode To My Favorite Ship

    Sorry TD, only Administrators get the Space Marshal Medal. However, you could bust your chops inside and out to be a General. Even though at this stage you're only a Cadet; just posting at a regular and normal pace will eventually get you up the ladder. Heck, look at my profile. I started...
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    What is with the Nephilim?

    Unfortunately the rest of the combat system for it is unbalanced also. Shields and Energy Weapons are too strong, and manueverablility has been reduced. I would like to see a game where it is actually balanced (and no, UO is not balanced).
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    What was your first WC experiance?

    My first Wing Commander experience would have to be in 1994 (was it '94?) when Privateer was first released. Took me a while to get it running (and with a limited amount of Conventional Memory, even after running directly from the HD, I still couldn't have sound ), but I was completely and...
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    First thing's first...

    You must be one of those type of people who leave whatever is doodled on their desk; and not in a filing cabinet or something. Sound distinctly like me...
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    Wing Commander 1 July PC Gamer

    Your best bet is to get something like Turbo, which you can find at, or any other major software site. It's freeware; plus it actually works I've used it before.