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    Wing Commander MUSH revival?

    With help (as in they did it and I did nothing), I've managed to get Beyond the Fire back up on my home server.
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    Need creative suggestions

    Total Starship P0rn
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    Behind the Scenes of the Wing Commander Movie (July 17, 2012)

    Perhaps in 15-20 years Chris can reboot his reboot. Well, a man can dream can't he? I am very please to know Chris feels he could have made a better movie. I personally enjoyed Wing Commander as a stand alone product and felt it was worth the ticket price. I was disappointed in how far it...
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    Concordia's Bad Day

    Can you make a bigger version of this? :)
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    Arena's Lost Lore (September 25, 2011)

    That is almost identical to the story of when they demonstrated the potential of naval aviation before WWII. One aircraft sank a battleship hulk while the Admirals watched in shock. I love how EA/Origin echos real life. Its what gives WC's story such depth.
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    WC3 Intro a Game Star (July 30, 2011)

    See, I though the WCIII rendition of the Kilrathi was the best of the series.
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    WC vs. History: Forty-Five Score and Eleven Lexingtons (May 27, 2011)

    Kudos Hey, that was an awesome post. Excellent job and excellent research. I've always loved the historical touch WC's writers included.
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    How many docking bays on a Bengal? (and other questions)

    Bengal I know this is off topic but Howard's 'Claw never ceases to take my breath away
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    The Vega Strike Engine scares chuck norris.
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    Not being pushy...just curious

    I am so envious of you guys. Must be awesome to get to do this.
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    Wing Commander III - 2010 Movie Project

    Queeg, I've always been a fan of your efforts and this was awesome. Good freekin job man!
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    TCS Agamemnon???

    Yes, I have a fondness for B5's omega class destroyers.. Seeing them smash something is the only thing that comes close to Concordia PTCing that Kilrathi Capship in WCII. I will never forget the awesome feeling seeing that WCII animation for the first time.. Jaw dropping..
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    TCS Agamemnon???

    Lets also not forget the EAS Agamemnon, Sheridan's previous command in Babylon 5.
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    WC4 Uniforms

    Well, I have a friend who is good at seamstressery and if I have the money thanks to iraq to get one made for the random chance I find time to go conventioning again. Was there ever any kind of reference chart as to what the accoutrements represent?
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    WC4 Uniforms

    Does anyone have the patterns to make WC4 uniforms?