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    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    The Bearcat is one of my favorite WC ships ever and I think it's a shame that the player didn't get more opportunities to use it. I also like how it's not ridiculously overpowered, you do need to be careful when flying it. However, once you get good enough with it, it's a very, very good ship...
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    How to play Wing Commander Secret Missions?

    If you own the Kilrathi Saga, you can download the Secret Missions here : Otherwise, you can purchase Wing Commander 1 on Good Old Games, where you will get the Secret Missions along with the original game ...
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    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    Banshees, and especially Banshee Aces, are extremely dangerous when flying a Hellcat on Nightmare mode. I usually choose to fight the two Banshees in Recon Photos, but the Banshee Aces in Hostage Rescue are just too dangerous to be worth fighting, if you ask me. Especially the *four* Banshee...
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    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    Thanks guys! I'm currently doing some more Nightmare playthroughs to write more detailed, mission-specific tips. I think you may very well have been the one who taught me the Nav Map trick I mentioned in my previous post. ;) I have to say, I disagree with you there. Once I had a good...
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    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    So I've just won Wing Commander 4 (original DOS, 6 CDs version) on Nightmare with the mouse, and it was quite an experience. I used every dirty trick in the book in order to win (without outright cheating), and managed to win every single mission I played through. I haven't played all of the...
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    GOG Delisting Several EA Games (June 25, 2021)

    That may be true, but personally, I still have my old Windows 7 laptop with a CD/DVD drive and I plan to keep taking care of it even after I get a newer laptop. Also, being a mouse user, I like the Kilrathi Saga version of WC3 best : the original version of WC3 made afterburners almost useless...
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    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    I've beaten Privateer and Righteous Fire with the Tarsus, Orion and Centurion, and I'm currently replaying Privateer with a Galaxy. I made it to Oxford and, somewhat unexpectedly, so far I find the game to be easier than when I was playing with the Orion. Here are a few tips for anyone trying...
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    Blackmane Losing path missions

    Ah, perhaps I should clarify things. There are two series of Blackmane missions : The first one is the one everyone knows about. In the first mission of this series, you must defend the Blackmane base and kill Paktahn ace Bloodmist. The second series, not nearly as well-known, is the one that...
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    Blackmane Losing path missions

    Hi everybody! So, I was replaying the GOG version of Wing Commander 3, and I decided to let the Kilrathi warheads reach Locanda IV (I used autopilot to fly straight back to the Victory after destroying the enemy ships but not the warheads) so that I could play the alternate versions of the...
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    WC1 - Brimstone 3 - Bronze Star for Killing Maniac!

    All right, so I've just tried it with WC Origin -k (cheat mode + invulnerability). I used the GOG version of WC1. Here's what I did : -I took out the Gratha and the Ralari without using ALT-Del. Hunter was there, but I did not let him kill anything (I told him "Keep formation!"). -I took out...
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    WC1 - Brimstone 3 - Bronze Star for Killing Maniac!

    If that helps, I believe you need to destroy every ship (or nearly every ship) without letting your wingman have any kills. Also, I was using the DOS version of WC1 at the time, so I'm not sure whether it would work with the KS version. (Mind you, it's been years since I last tried this, so I...
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    Fight against Seether - music bug

    So, after speaking to the GOG team, it became obvious that the DOS version of WC4 that you can download on Good Old Games does not work. Therefore, I bought another copy on eBay, and this one works great with a few DosBox tweaks. However, I did run into a strange bug that doesn't seem to occur...
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    WC1 - Brimstone 3 - Bronze Star for Killing Maniac!

    I have gotten the Medal of Valor in Hell's Kitchen 4 before, however I do believe it's only possible to get it if you kill several aces (possibly all four of them) during the mission (so that means not killing them in previous missions, in order to make them show up in Hell's Kitchen 4).
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    WC4 DOS version

    Hi guys! So I was playing the GOG DOS version of Wing Commander 4, and I got to the part where you have to "insert" the second CD. Since the full version is supposed to be installed on my hard drive, I just pressed enter, and then I got a read error. Pressing Ctrl + F4 to try to swap CDs does...
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    WC games you own/have played/have finished

    As the title suggests, I was wondering which WC games you own, and which ones you've finished. As for me : WC1, SM1, SM2 : I have both the DOS version, and the KS version, which I downloaded from the CIC. I have seen all of the endings and completed most missions (I believe I still need to...