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    Star Citizen Makes Half a Billion Dollars (September 21, 2022)

    It's certainly just a joke now, it doesn't take a genius to know you cannot make a game that is and does everything, he's shown that by 10 years of development, literally hundreds of millions of dollars and basically nothing to show for it except a shonky pre-alpha. They have to keep rewriting...
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    GOG releases vs KS/DOSBox

    I'm trying to get an answer to this too, hopefully by someone technical. I have problems with Kilrathi Saga, it plays poorly in Windows and Dosbox IMO, nothing like the original game does on an old 386. I have worse problems if I try to run the original DOS version of Wing Commander (moreso...
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    My (Late) Gift to the Community

    Only thing I noticed is that it has human feet, on a cat the ankle joint would be higher and off the ground, it's visible in WC3 movies like this.
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    New Poll Focuses on Iconic Briefings (April 16, 2011)

    Joining the series of games late shouldn't really have anything to do with which briefing style you prefer. I started on Wing Commander 1 when it came out but I prefer the WC3/4 Eisen briefings purely because they're well acted and interesting. WC1 briefings were good for it's time but if you...
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    I remember getting the presumably naked Major Edmond when I played WC2 all those years ago, I thought it was a bit strange at the time, I thought it was part of some joke put in by the artist, i'm sure it happened in another scene aswell but can't remember where. I also got I think Hobbes head...
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    I Riffed Priv 2

    Watched it out of curiosity, but couldnt watch more than a couple of minutes, it's not even remotely funny or anything, crazy.
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    Technosaurs: Locked and Loaded (July 20, 2008)

    Have fun, and Loaf, can you do a Homer Simpson impression because you sound kinda similar... ;-)
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    We Need You! (April 23, 2008)

    The first one, Syquest HD cartridge requires a syquest drive to read it, you just slot the cartridge in like a floppy disk drive. I actually have one in a box of bits, but it's in England, so probably not much good to you, surely can't be that hard to find them they're not that old,95/96 I think.
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    It's Here: Wing Commander II GameTap (October 11, 2007)

    Is the Gametap version free of that simultaneous key problem that the DOS version had on modern computer? You couldn't use more than one key at a time, making flying and shooting impossible, or flying diagonally. I bought an old 386 a while ago for £1 off ebay just so I could play WC2 properly.
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    Anyone played Tachyon: The Fringe?

    Tachyon was a classy game, I loved the way you could play through the entire game from both sides of the war, either in Galspan or as part of the Bora, imagine how good a Wing Commander game would've been (WC2 especially) if you'd been able to completely replay it from the Kilrathi perspective...
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    Game Audio Player

    The WC3 files have been extracted to MIDI already and are around somewhere to download, you'll prolly find em if you look in google.
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    Topic: Bluepoint Station WIP

    ok, no problem just wondered :D
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    Topic: Bluepoint Station WIP

    Isn't that my model Tolwyn (the one I sent you)
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    Male My sister played Wing Commander 1 all those years ago when it came out, she could not get more than a few missions into it though. But she got pretty good at Need For Speed 2 and 3, gave me a run for my money every now and then in split screen :p
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    WC1 - Swing Commander

    All of them :p if you have Tyrian or the demo of it and run the setup program it's got a jukebox where u can run though all the MIDI tracks. They're all great.