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    First 787 Delivery 9/26/2011

    Cool. Look forward to seeing the 747-8. :cool:
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    Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)

    Cool model! Like it! :cool:
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    physical models to buy?

    Cool. I could imagine what the Steltek derelict looked like before it became a derelict. I wonder how large it was?
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    Super Soaker Stockpile Spread Out (July 25, 2010)

    That's what I meant to say. :D
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    Microsoft Flight Announced (August 17, 2010)

    Flight Simulator X for the most part was like Flight Simulator 2004 with some changes. I hope Microsoft Flight will be better. We need a Flight Simulator that takes advantage of powerful computers. :cool: :D
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    Super Soaker Stockpile Spread Out (July 25, 2010)

    I remember the Super Soakers. They were cool. You don't have the original one. Oh NO! :D
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    have you seen this guy's work?

    Looks cool! :cool:
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    virus programs

    I use Avira. It is good and I like it a lot.
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    I saw Avatar too. The 3D effects were cool. The movie was too predictable.
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    Rocky Exoplanet Discovered (September 16, 2009)

    Life exists on other planets. They ask the same question too. ;)
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    Prototype/Super Fighter Or Super Flop?

    I like the Dragon a lot because it is overkill. Who could beat the fission cannon and plasma and tachyon weapons. :cool: Too bad it never was used in Prophecy. :(
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    Space Stations

    Well, at least they can starwatch with a telescope without atmospheric interference and light pollution. :cool: :D
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    Q's Wedding Thread

    Congratulations! May it last 'til death. :cool:
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    I meant to say divorced while in elementary school.
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    A-17 Broadsword

    Nice looking Broadsword. :cool: