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    Flat Universe Multiplayer Alpha Now Multiplatform (September 9, 2017)

    They are not very high. Something like a 1 GHz CPU and 512MB free memory for the full load of the server. If you can accommodate these specs we will be more than happy to have a European server up and running :) Just send me a PM or email at to work out the details...
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    Thank You! (August 20, 2017)

    It's almost 20 years for this site/community and more than 25 years since the first game and we are all still here, creators (like George Oldziey) and fans alike! I think this alone says a lot for both the games and us as a community.
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    Check Out Flat Universe's Nav System & New Screens (August 20, 2017)

    We had several discussions with my brother and we haven't reached a conclusion yet. The Hari "sector" (if you can call it a sector) it's more appealing with its string of barren worlds. On the other hand Landreich seems geographically a mess and probably would seem awkward gameplay wise. The...
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    And Then Play Flat Universe Multiplayer! (August 20, 2017)

    Yep... The NAVCOM AI still calculating the coordinates. We still have 6 days to go.
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    Welcome to Sol Sector, Julianna! (February 15, 2017)

    Congratulations!!!!! :):):)
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Thanks Defiance All these are dynamic assets which will be added at a later time. The ones shown here are the static ones. Except from the chairs that swivel all other objects are immovable. Another thing added to the todo list along with Quarto's suggestions... The images on the wall...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Oh we don't mind at all. After all that is the reason we post these screenshots, to get feedback from you guys. You are right it looks a little sterile and so we will introduce some more variation, weathering and dirt to the place. However keep in mind that Daedalus is no Tiger's Claw. It is a...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Well both are very cool ideas! However we would have to cut Klavs' models to logical pieces and then "compile" them back inside the game engine. Even further we would have, based on Capi's idea, to cut "generic" pieces from one aircraft and fit them to others. Although it would not hit much...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    It's always good to get feedback both from fans and directly from inside the industry (and in this case the aircraft industry no less!). So except from the damage textures based on Quarto's observations we will alter a bit the algorithm to add more detail textures (probably less...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Don't worry. Although the age/rust textures are ready the damage textures are not finalized yet. In the final version it will be far more obvious along with the usual spark/smoke effects.
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Hey guys we are back after a small break and continue with our regular updates. For this week we want to show off a little bit! We have made several improvements on the graphics department: Full level of detail system so we could use high res models without sacrificing performance A new...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    Don't mention it. We are just happy you liked it!
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    For this week's screenshots we have some cool weapons. To be more precise these are the confederation conventional anti cap torpedoes you may encounter in combat: For anyone interested they are the following types (from top to bottom): Valliant LT (light torpedo) Firestorm (heavy...
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    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    It's Klavs' concept of the Wildcat. Based on this image from the academy cartoon where he presumed that this is not in fact a Hellcat but its ancestor the Wildcat. In our game the Wildcat is supposed to be a Scimitar era light fighter replaced maybe by the Hornet. That's pre Wing Commander 1...