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    Boost Your CCG Collection (November 8, 2005)

    I don't know if anyone is still interested in the WCCCG but I have TONS of cards in boxes here. Just pay for the shipping. Alas, I do not have any extra promo cards. I am still missing the Tolwyn promo card if anyone has an extra.
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    Wing Commander III FMVs in better quality?

    I have a question. Between the PSX and 3DO versions, which one has the better quality video? Or are they both, essentially, the same? What about WCIII in Kilrathi Saga? Any better than the original DOS PC WCIII?
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    Prophecy Movie Upgrade (3/3) (October 11, 2006)

    Where did you get the Prophecy DVD? Since it was never released to the public, nor bundled with the Creative kits, how were you able to acquire it?
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    Dos SB16 Sound card emulation help request

    I am glad to hear you got it working. It looks like you also needed to change the SET SoundBlasterPCI line to SET SBPCI. I'll have to remember that. Even the stuff I found at Creative Labs website shows that you have to spell it out in the set command. Good luck fragging those...
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    Dos SB16 Sound card emulation help request

    Is there an option in your BIOS to reserve IRQ5 for Legacy/ISA devices? It may be that something else in your system is taking IRQ5 and the emulation driver can't grab it. If I recall correctly, there was also an executable in the folder (in your case \DOSDRV ) that actually did all of the...
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    Dos SB16 Sound card emulation help request

    It looks as if you are missing something in your autoexec.bat file before the line that says C:\DOSDRV\SBEINIT.COM you should have the line.... SET SoundBlasterPCI=C:\DOSDRV If you have the utility in the DOSDRV directory, you can use it to test dos functionality of the card (after rebooting...
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    Wing commander 2 cutscenes question

    That is true. However, I have yet to have success in converting those avi files to any other format. All of the conversion utilities I have used to date have either left out the audio in the resulting file or give an error (or lock up) in the program. It seems there aren't any windows video...
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    You know, I bet there are no females on this forum.

    The email part was a JOKE (hence the smiley face) based on some of the other entries here. Others mentioned that many women play games but don't acknowledge their gender because they don't want to be spammed with "love" messages by guys with juvenile tendencies. And I am LUCKY because I...
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    You know, I bet there are no females on this forum.

    I must be one of the lucky few. My wife enjoys playing computer games. She loves to play RTS games like Command & Conquer although she won't play Blizzard RTS titles. She also enjoys playing the mystery adventure games like the Tex Murphy series. Currently, she is an avid gamer in Guild...
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    Save Stargate SG-1!!!

    Let it go...... I have been a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 since the beginning. In fact I have a picture of me and my kids with Amanda Tapping on my desk here now (I know, what a geek :) ). I have to say the show had a great run but it has diminished greatly in the last two seasons. Perhaps it...
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    KS WC1 screen size....

    I have the same problem with WC 1 as you do. I haven't tried WC2 to see if it has the same problem. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions.....
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    Wing Commander CCG cards

    FYI, in case you may want to see what the ones you do not have look like, check out this website. He doesn't show them all but has most of them there.
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    Wing Commander CCG cards

    I have quite a few WC CCG cards. A couple of years ago I went WC CCG crazy and bought boxes of starter decks and booster packs from ebay. Even with all that, I still needed to trade to complete one set (Once again, thanks Chris!!:) ). I am now only missing the Admiral Tolwyn Promo card to...
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    Assembling a Pentium 75 Computer to run Old Games

    finding what your looking for A monorail machine would be perfect for what you are trying to do. It meets the specifications, is a complete system (including a flat panel monitor built in), comes with all of the drivers for DOS (and has Windows 95 preinstalled), and doesn't take up much in the...
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    Boost Your CCG Collection (November 8, 2005)

    Sure thing... Just give me a couple of days to dig them out of the moving boxes:) I just recently moved in to my new home.... PM me anytime. I am sure we can work something out.