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    Privateer 2 email SIDE PLOTS question

    Umm..., I just turned up in 2022 and this is what I got. Ew! Now to read on in hopes of finding an answer to my own question of where the best-paying post-story missions are.... 🙃
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    Please suggest a Mac powerbook or Mac laptop to run SWC

    I was running it on my PowerBook Pismo (which still works great) until the fantastic emulator from Columbia came out. I haven't gotten SWC to work on my M1 MacBook Air 2020 yet, but it runs like a charm on my Sierra iMac! Purrs like never before - no wait times and the graphics run smoother than...
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    Sizzling Action Scene for Your Desktop (August 25, 2022)

    Seriously! So glad we are still here.
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    Outfits for All Seasons (August 26, 2022)

    Wow that takes me back. Have to go watch it again. Still have the DVDs!
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    My Mac experience with Super Wing Commander

    My favorite game of all time! I enjoy it on my G3 Pismo running 9.1 I think it is. A couple of glitches (Finder crashes and I reboot the game once when starting - doesn't interfere with game play) and I use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Love this game!
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    Spiegel Online Highlights Wing Commander Milestone (December 23, 2019)

    Fabelhaft! I just played through WCIII a few months ago on my Mac. Just as much fun as back in the day. Now I've found a way to play P2 using Boxer on my Mac and I'm halfway through the game. Really takes me back. Thanks for this!
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    Letter From Jason Bernard's Widow (August 16, 2000)

    Did Mrs. Bernard's note go missing? The link doesn't seem to be working. I'd love to read it!
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    Bookmark for Through the Moongate

    These are fantastic! Thank you.
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    Super Wing Commander

    One more addendum to the cheats section. The game only allows eight saves at a time. But by finding the prefs file and archiving these with accurate labels, you can go back to any game you might have saved in the past. Not practical for hundreds of games, but great for the few perfect score...
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    Super Wing Commander

    I can still here the lines from this as if it was my favorite movie.
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    Super Wing Commander

    BTW if you're having trouble selecting a Campaign or Mission in the rec room, move your mouse cursor to the top center of the screen. If it has any of the options selected it will revert to those instead of cycling through the list to the Campaign and Mission selectors.
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    Super Wing Commander

    I was very lucky to find an old Mac cheap (one I coveted when it came out but that was too expensive then - still great!) and dust off my CD from the 90s. After hitting 500 missions and about 8000 kills I also realized I didn't have to lose Spirit if I used the mission selector carefully. Right...
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    Super Wing Commander

    I'm playing an ongoing game of SWC using a G3 Mac PowerBook (Pismo). I use the cheat (shift-4 -> SWCBuster -> Enter and then click the on buttons to off and vice versa) to see how high I can get with my score. Now at 4780 KIL for 392 SOR on the board. FUN NEVER ENDS!!! Lose Mariko early on and...
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    New 3D Thread

    Thanks Chris for the background though. With the Star Wars canon about to be reinvented, it's always good to keep an eye on the continuity of the WC universe. Have loved watching Ben and everyone do that over the years.
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    New 3D Thread

    This is beautiful. And WC owes a huge debt to WWII. In fact I became a Pacific Theater buff because of WC/Privateer. So this kind of content is fantastic. Keep it coming!