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    Flight Commander 2 Demo 4 released

    Hi all: A new Flight Commander 2 demo to release. Features include AI for firing guns, weapons, decoys, and moving around a bit. Missiles can seek a target. Other new features too. Demo executable is here:
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    Flight Commander 2: Demo 3

    It's using unity... there's no hardcoded limit.
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    Flight Commander 2: Demo 3

    Hi all: Here's demo 3 which adds the following: Sparks fly when do you hull damage afterburners ship viewer, killboard, simulator menus takeoff cutscene friendlies can eject Download the windows version here...
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    Flight Commander 2 First demo

    Yeah I see that too in chrome and microsofts browser, looks like the only browser that works is firefox. Try the windows version if you like.
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    Flight Commander 2 First demo

    Hi all: Flight Commander 2 is in the works. It's still very early, but here is the first demo. Get the windows version here. It also runs in your web browser. At the moment, just firefox...
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    WC:CD "Fan Input"

    Right here at wcnews is a great host. I used nvu, might be dated by now.
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    Good Luck Curiosity! (August 4, 2012)

    Thanks guys, the whole team is just walking on air today. Is there a log of the irc session during the landing, it'd be fun to read.
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    Flight Cmdr 1.6 Released

    Not much new progress to report. I got quite a ways on 1.7, but then my computer died. All the files are recovered, but I still haven't gotten a new one yet. I suppose I could release a 1.7 beta, but it would be a while before I had any time to work on new features. Sorry.
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    Upload of Thomas Bruckners WC Page

    Think I might have a few of the missing files.
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    Mars Rover Launch Saturday.

    Here is the correct launch time, but it would be better to start watching a little bit earlier. 11-26-11, 10:02 a.m. EST (7:02 a.m. PST)
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    Mars Rover Launch Saturday.

    As a member of the flight software team, I wrote a good chunk of the fault protection software, which kicks in if there's a problem and the rover has to fix itself. I'm also involved with various higher level behaviors, such as telling the spacecraft to turn, and getting the spacecraft setup as...
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    Mars Rover Launch Saturday.

    Get ready for the Saturday launch of our Mars rover. The launch coverage will be streamed live on Ustream at 6:30 am pacific time . I worked on the flight software for our rover for about the last 5 years, so it's a real exciting event to get to launch day. Wish...
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    Ejection Sequence

    I believe its assigned in an xml file, don't remember off the top of my head. Check campaign.xml or constants.xml or settings.xml, it should be in there some where. You can't change the cutscene, but you can change the pickup ship.
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    HUD Components

    Sorry, the hud locations are fixed. This is because it takes quite a few equations to try to generate nice looking huds for any arbitrary video resolution.
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    Flight Cmdr crashes in WIndows 7

    Good to know, my next computer will likely run Windows 7, nice to have a heads up.