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    Babylon 5

    You all know why Crusade sucked, right? TNT butchered it. All the fans of B5 were only tuning in to the station to watch Babylon 5, and then all the fans of the other shows on the station wouldn't watch it. TNT decided they didn't like that, but just cancel the show outright. So they started...
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    Random Q's from an annoying Newb

    True - but as has been discussed in the thread for czacen's mod, the Black Lance wasn't a huge faction. They, in fact, had very limited resources and had to manipulate Confed and the Border Worlds to do their bidding. They had to trick Blair into stealing them a laboratory so they could continue...
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    Just correlating data

    Just out of curiosity, how do you plan to run character setups? With different human factions, not to mention the various Kilrathi clans, you could make an extremely interesting character development process. Think of it like this, if you will... Confed: Atypical well-balanced character with...
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    Random Q's from an annoying Newb

    Dude, after 40-something years of war, would you be in the mood for another? Seriously. I'd be sick of it.
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    Random Q's from an annoying Newb

    If you read Hold The Line (which is probably not canon in any sense of the word, but still a good read), you'll learn that the Border Worlds did gain their independance (which was slightly hinted at in Prophecy, and as LOAF mentioned it was on the map), and they scrounged up a small military - a...
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    Replay, Re-rumors (January 11, 2007)

    If it included Wing Commander 3 or 4, i'd most definitely put my money towards it. Heck yeah man.
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    Please Tell me This Thing Works!

    Ultimately, I think that Standoff is better than Saga - Standoff has an atmosphere, a certain tension about it that none of the main games have ever had, nor any of the other mods. It's a whole different setting - you're not one lone ship/group that happens to be stuck with the enemy - you're...
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    Prologue Released!

    It's good to finally see you guys pull off a release - it's been a long time since this started. I must say i'm very impressed by the final product here; I thought Baws' voice acting wasn't worth much, but everything else seemed great - it actually feels like being in Wing Commander again...
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    Confed politics, and other things I find strange...

    Dundradal, i'm not quite sure I follow you there. I know that the Vesuvius was expensive, but how is it less capable? I think the only real plus to the Midway was the capacity to carry more marines; despite being larger, it still had poorer armor and shields. Also - did the other carriers...
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    Confed politics, and other things I find strange...

    Ok, so here's one thing I thought was a crappy decision - they ceased production of the Bengal class. Ok, so the Tiger's Claw went down, everyone got upset; the rest are perfectly fine ships and there was no excuse to slash production of a ship that could carry more fighters than any other...
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    How can this be? I just have such a hard time believing it. Nevertheless, all evidence points to the fact that the Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, has tragically passed away while filming off the great barrier reef. Apparently, one of the stingray's just got pissed off at him, and his...
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    Future Direction for the Standoff Team

    Somehow, Quarto, you're lying. I can feel it in my bones. Yeah, you might take a year or two off to get you're life rolling again, but once you get into Wing Commander, you never get back out of it. ;)
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    A Little BattleTech & Shadowrun Nostalgia

    Say, is Battletech still going on TableTop? I know that the books are going off in weird directions (I liked the first three Dark Age books, but the premise still sucked like your mother's vacuum cleaner), but i'm hoping TT stays strong.
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    Save Stargate SG-1!!!

    Originally, Stargate was supposed a movie trilogy - blasted studio execs put the axe to it. Yeah - if you'll notice from watching the movie and the series, there are some major differences in the series than what was stated in the movie. In the movie, the dude was the last of his kind (I only...
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    Let's discuss tactics...

    My tip? Pick your targets carefully. If you're flying a Stilleto, focus on the Sartha's (Sarthii?) before you go for the Gothri. If you're flying a Morningstar, take out the Jalkehi before the Drakhri. Know what you're flying, what weapons you happen to be packing, and what you're facing. If you...