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    Games that are like WC

    WC mention and similar game I was poking around the IGN website for good flight sims on a console and ran across this review. Here is the relevant WC mention: "We never see the Angels' faces; we never learn where they are from or anything about them, so how are we supposed to care about them...
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    Admiral Tolwyn's Court Martial

    Civilian trial or court martial? I haven't played WCIV in a good long while and it has probably been over a year since I've read the novelization. Just a quick question: was it a trial, like one would find in the civilian justice system or a la Nurenburg, or was it a military court martial...
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    The Gaming Standard: Wing Commander

    Excellent job!! You've obviously done a lot of research into compiling all this. Personally, I can't wait to see the next three installments. I think you are on the right track with how you are currently doing it. The segments are short and focused. You include a good mix of clips from...
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    WC:CD Confed Transport

    How about splitting the turrets up? Keeping them at two to a side and in the center section but put one above the centerline and one below. Gives decent overall coverage, doesn't increase the number of weapons, and still leaves plenty of blind spots directly to the front, directly above, and...
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    Mission 9B, UE

    I haven't played UE in a while but I have beaten it multiple times. If you could just post a few details about the mission either myself or another member can give you tips and pointers. Good luck with the rest of the game!
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    Scimitar fans

    I always liked the Scimitar personally. While its not the most glamorous craft you get to fly in in WC1 I thought it had pretty good set of statistics. It wasn't so lightly armed and armored that you couldn't slug it out with the Kilrathi when outnumbered but it wasn't so overpowering in...
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    Torpedo Question

    Thanks for the correction RogueBanshee. I just finished reading Fleet Action just about 10 days ago and I guess getting that wrong is what I get for reading 2 other books at the same time or just being too lazy to get up and check the source before posting. I do agree from a game play...
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    Torpedo Question

    Excellent Outstanding post Bremmon! In fact we know that the larger ships do salvo their torpedoes as written in Fleet Action and the charge of the Polwaski's destroyer squadron. The destroyers are able to fire off a spread of five torpedoes in one salvo so it's obviously feasible to do it...
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    Torpedo Question

    Torpedo Salvo I wonder if one reason the Broadsword does not have afterburners is the simple fact there isn't any remaining space on craft for the fuel tanks? After all it does have to have space for a pilot, co-pilot, tail gunner, and two side gunners. When you throw in support systems for...
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    TCS-Confederation Development

    Carrier Groups I might also add that even today with carrier battle groups it is very very rare to actually see other ships in the battle group or the task force from the deck of any one ship. Given the range of modern offensive and defensive systems and radar it makes sense to spread the...
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    In a galaxy far far away...

    Comic Not sure what the reference to the Hades is. Is that the type of cruiser that the Cerebus is? Anyway, the art is from Knights of the Old Republic monthly comic book series by Dark Horse. Its from issue 15 I believe and its the Republic fleet getting its head handed to them by the...
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    Difficulty of Standoff

    Chaosbringer, I have always found a joystick to be much better than any mouse when playing any type of flight simulator. Even a simple $20 or $30 dollar one will make all the difference. Most people, myself included, seem to demonstrate finer control over their craft with a joystick versus a...
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    The Vampire Strikes Back (May 4, 2007)

    I personally like Houkiboshi's poll setup. Good range of fighters from multiple eras there and the same for the capital ships. Again though, I'll take any WC model I can get my hands on up to and including garbage scows. If time is an issue or just to keep it simple I vote for the Vampire.
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    The Vampire Strikes Back (May 4, 2007)

    rtheriaque, As nice as it would be to have a good run of ships in significant scale I was just thinking if the poll was conducted the way I outlined the group on here would probably end up with one WC capital ship OR one WC fighter that the largest number of people would enjoy. Also that might...
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    The Vampire Strikes Back (May 4, 2007)

    If I may make a suggestion with the polling. I would set up one poll for just capital ships and a second poll for just fighters. Then whoever wins out of those are the ones that will go into production, or if other factors are an issue, a poll between the top winner in each category. The...