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    Fleet Operations Question

    Been a very long time since I have posted. Been playing alot of Standoff and Saga lately and I was going to pick up my own WC RPG again. Now me being impatient I don't want to wait until I get back to the United States to get my printed copy I finished two years ago. All of my books and...
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    MechWarrior is back!

    This game looks pretty neat and clean. Hopefully it will still have the feeling during this specific time in the BT universe. 3015 place it around the 3rd and 4th Succession War. The wars basically bombed technology back centuries, and it took like 200 years to climb back out of the hole...
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    MechWarrior is back!

    Smith and Tinker owns the rights for the FASA interactive games. Battletech is just their "biggest" property, but they also have the rights for Crimson Skies and Shadowrun. I remember when the production company was announced, many of my friends, really dug the FASA properties, ranging from...
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    The X-Wing Theory

    There are two main classes of Imperial Star Destroyer, the Imperial 1 and the Imperial 2. The Impstar Duece (as it is called in the Xwing novels) is a upgraded version with more powerful weaponry, but a sacrifice of some shield strength. The term Star Destroyer itself is merely a class of...
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    Star Trek trailer

    JJ Abrams is good at selling things. I think this movie will do wonders for the franchise, even if it takes liberties with characters we all know and love. I liked the trailer, seemed pretty action packed. I hope they can put the Horatio Hornblower swashbuckling aspect of Kirk into the movie...
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    WC3 PS1 problems

    I have WC3 on Playstation as well. Mine is a very very old and worn copy though, some times it does not let me play the last few missions before the game doesn't load. I don't think it translated to PS very well, it has very choppy gameplay. WC IV on the other hand plays very smooth on...
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    Come Back, Wing Commander (April 8, 2008)

    I think they could create a good console WC game (aside from Arena of course), that could use the control pad as effectively as a joystick/keyboard combo. One of the big reasons why I want a WC game made goes along the lines of what has been accomplished in Standoff and Saga.... Massive...
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    Mule Be Home Soon (April 8, 2008)

    Score! I remember reading some of those reviews and thinking "This is will be the greatest video game of all time!" But, back to topic. What I did like about M.U.L.E was the fact it was a PvP game, but instead of todays preference for buttom mashers most times a game of M.U.L.E required...
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    Mule Be Home Soon (April 8, 2008)

    *chuckle* Thank you for the distinction. After a good 30 minutes of winding down from work and a rereading of my post made me realize the same thing. I wish I still had my Commodore 64 and my Amiga. I had several games on that I played even into the CD-ROM era. My copy of Wing Commander...
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    Mule Be Home Soon (April 8, 2008)

    That the only way to get this game these days? Emulator and ROMs? I remember playing this game when I was a kid with my aunt and uncle, back with classics like Red Storm Rising and Starflight.
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    Hawk in Cloverfield (Possible Spoilers)

    Movies I have seen recently with Pliers in it are Fear and Loathing and Lethal Weapon 4. Its kinda neat seeing these people showing up without looking them up. Its kinda like flipping through the channels and a movie you love (and have on DVD) shows up and you end up watching it on TV anyway.
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    Hawk in Cloverfield (Possible Spoilers)

    I was at a party last weekend and someone put in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Besides it being a crazy (but good) movie, I noticed another WC actor. Pliers is in it! He has no speaking lines, but he is driving the jeep with the hunters in it when Johnny Depp is trying to cover the racing...
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    RIP Gary Gygax

    Well, I think he had been suffering from a heart condition. He was semi-retired over the last few years due to a stroke or heart attack. I was reading an interview with him and was interested to hear that despite the Tolkien influence on the original dungeons and dragons he was not a big...
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    RIP Gary Gygax

    A sad day for tabletop RPers. I think tonight I will be picking up a D20 and thank Mr. Gygax for helping to create a game that has led to nearly 20 years (at least for me) of fun and imagination. Rest in Peace.
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    You guys gotta get rid of the taunts.

    Nice how we had a nod to a Wing Commander novel, and Suburban Commando in the very same thread!