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    WC4 and WC3 problem

    WCIV. You sure he isn't talking about the black lance cap ship? you have to press H to switch to your leech gun and leech it
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    Favorite Wing Commander Battle/Mission

    well, the most memorable missions for me are: -destroying the "skippers" in wc3 -destroying the bio missiles in wc3 -the final mission of wc3(but it gets a bit boring when you have to do the trench run, plus the planets in wc3 look terrible from up close) -sending vagabond and sosa down in the...
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    Unknown pilot from WC:P

    Yes but you never see them in-flight
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    yeah i guess it was that because now i'm downloading it. i can't wait!
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    maybe a bit off topic, but is there a way to download the 290mb making of video of wc3 from cic? cuz when i right click on it and select save as, it says access denied or something
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    Wing Commander women

    Cobra is NOT hot
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    Wing Commander women

    i'm pretty sure Sosa would look hot in sexy clothes and all made up
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    Hobbes the "too great" guy

    good point :p
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    Hobbes the "too great" guy

    why does he wear boots anyway? i dont think the other kilrathi do(thrakath, melek etc.)
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    What's your favorite Maniac moment?

    well, the classic: Maniac:I dont know, the side we picked to be on has a hard long road ahead. Blair: Well will you look on the bright side? At least now you won't have to deal with that Confed promotion that finally came through. Maniac: MY PROMOTION CAME? MY PROMOTION...Confed...that's not...
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    The Lamest Insults Ever

    actually in the english version they were: eat SH*T and die gato(which is my absolute favourite) the other one was: see you in heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell(BOOM:P) and the last one i dont know :P
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    The Lamest Insults Ever

    pirate in privateer 2: from hunter to hunted...prepare to die(if i hear correctly). ridiculous way of saying it
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    Fave Ship?

    yes, it could compliment someone very well with its guns :p
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    fave quote from wc

    the nazis were strong, but the allies were stronger :p
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    don't you think they overdid it

    he WOULD have been executed for certain. That's what the news announcer says just before we see Tolwyn hanging: Towlyn is now slated for execution...tomorrow Btw, in what way was Tolwyn savior of Confed? His Behemoth project failed after all :eek: