"The War Is Still With Us"

{SOL, 2681.89} The worst suspicions of ISDN has been rendered a reality today by the official statement offered by Governor Cavazos. The statement, broadcast on all civilian channels, confirms the presence of a second alien strike force.

The no-fly zone outlined by TC officials is the center of activity. A call for "a reasonable and rational response" on part of the civilian populace was repeated several times. Fearing a panic in the central systems, the Confederation ships that had been sent to protect jump lanes from reckless pirates and unaffiliated mercenaries has now become an official blockade of the impacted systems.

Governor Cavazos stated, "It is with a heavy heart that I must report a renewed conflict with the Aliens. After careful assessment of the many reports our intelligence service has gathered over the last several weeks, it is our duty to notify the citizens of the Confederation that the war is still with us."

No details were given as to the size of the invading fleet, but sources indicate that a majority of the Confederation fleet has moved into support positions around or inside the no-fly zone.

Reports indicate that the alien forces have had their fair share of victories against the Confederation already in this short conflict. The Ella system was nearly lost to an onslaught of Aliens that the Confederation was not prepared to confront.

Immediately following the statement, a wave of protest from citizen rights groups such as the UIN was heard. The Confederation has come under fire for withholding information that could have allegedly prevented the loss of civilian life up to this point.

In response to these allegations TC officials have stated that, "This is a matter of galactic security, and as such, steps had to be taken to ensure proper containment of any hazards to the citizens of the Confederation. For the safety of all of the Terran Confederation we request that all citizens follow the guidelines available from your local officiate representative. We feel for the innocent victims of this conflict and will make any and all attempts to resolve this situation as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Recent public interest figure turned activist Sam Langtry, who is involved in an investigation into the unsafe R&D practices at Confederation Military research facilities, was at the head of a UIN protest against the, "deceptive methods of information management" allegedly employed by Confederation officials.

At a public gathering on the third settlement of Zeta Orionis Prime he stated, "This is par for the course for the TC. Not since the W.E.C. have we seen such destructive policy played out on the populace. If the next fifty years go the direction the last fifty years have gone we could be heading for another civil war that could make the W.E.C. dissolution look like a Sunday in the park."

We here at ISDN recognize the importance to all citizens that the coming days hold. We will attempt to provide the most accurate reporting we are capable of and keep you up to date on Confed forces progress in containing the alien threat.